Side Effects Of Homeopathy

The likelihood of experiencing side effects as direct result of using homeopathic medicines is extremely small. Some remedies use ingredients that are toxic, such as Arsenicum, which contains arsenic, and others have elements that are poisonous if ingested in large quantities, like Arnica. However, because of the way the treatments are prepared there should only be a trace of these ingredients in the final product.

You should be mindful if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients used in your homeopathic treatment, or are taking any medication which can interact in some way with the ingredients. When consulting a homeopath you should be sure to make them aware of any allergies and of any prescription or non prescription medicines you are currently using.

There are no legal restrictions placed on the practice of homeopathy in the United Kingdom. For peace of mind, you may want to consider only using registered homeopathic practitioners who are members of a regulatory body like the British Homeopathic Association or the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

Secondary Effects Of Homeopathy

While the chances of side effects of homeopathic therapies are thought to be minimal, there are other consequences which can potentially have more serious implications.

There is currently no scientific evidence that homeopathy is effective in treating any medical condition. If you are relying on homeopathy to treat an illness, the chances are that you are may not be using these alternative remedies alongside conventional medicine. During this time your symptoms may worsen and could develop into a more acute illness.

Also to be taken into account is the ‘placebo effect’; that is, that because you are taking something you believe to be a cure, you may notice signs that it is having a positive effect or believe that you are feeling better. While this may have short term benefits for conditions that have a psychological element such as anxiety or insomnia the inherent physical conditions causing your illness will still exist. The positive mental results of the placebo effect may well recede once you have stopped taking the treatment.

Homeopathic Vaccinations

Many homeopaths are cynical about the effects of conventional vaccinations and some may even advise you to refrain from having them in favour or homeopathic alternatives. But the British Homeopathic Association advises that you continue to be vaccinated in accordance with the advice of the Department of Health.

If you are considering using homeopathy, it is strongly advised that you see your GP in the first instance, especially if you are ending a course of medication or thinking of substituting traditional vaccinations in favour of homeopathy.