Most homeopathic physicians work independently and many create their own medicines which they say are tailored specifically to your needs, taking into consideration your circumstances, general health and spiritual well being.

There are numerous homeopathic pharmacies that sell ready prepared ingredients and treatments, with some offering a consultation service and retail outlets in addition to an online service. These pharmacies are used by individual homeopaths as well as members of the public. You can buy individual remedies, packs designed to treat a certain type of illness or ‘starter packs’ which can be used for a range of ailments.

Some of the more well known homeopathic laboratories include Helios, Freeman’s and Nelsons. There is a more detailed list of pharmacies on the website of the Homeopathic Medical Association.

Forms of homeopathic medicine

It is commonly believed that homeopathic treatments are effective regardless of how they are taken; for example, that a pill for a skin condition is equally as effective as a cream applied directly to the effective area. The only real difference is that with oral solutions (liquids) you can dilute the treatment if necessary and easily adapt the dosage to your requirements.

Tablets – These are manufactured by adding the diluted and shaken solution to lactose or sucrose tablets, which may also be called pilules, pellets or globules. They can be taken with water, or some can be dissolved in the mouth.

Oral solution – Drops which can be taken directly into the mouth by placing a ‘dropper’ cap’ under the tongue or added to food. You can also purchase some remedies in spray form which can be taken orally.

Ointments and creams – Absorbed straight into the skin to directly treat skin complaints and allergies. As with oral solutions, some creams and ointments can be purchased as sprays.