When you have an initial consultation with a homeopath, they will either be able to supply you directly with treatments they have made themselves or purchased from pharmacies to use for their patients. But you may want to buy those treatments yourself instead.

As non prescription homeopathic remedies are usually safe and carry no side effects, you might even bypass a specialist altogether and try a treatment recommended to you by a friend or one you read about on a trusted internet source.

There are countless online homeopathic pharmacies, but for people who prefer to buy in person over the counter, limited ranges are available on the high street from names like Boots, Lloyds, Holland and Barrett and Superdrug. Some can fulfill NHS prescriptions for homeopathic remedies.

This can be beneficial if you want to talk about which treatment is right for you or get advice. You should be aware, however, that staff are not trained in homeopathy so might not be an adequate substitute for a consultation with a homeopathic physician.

Buying treatments over the counter can also work for you if the treatments your homeopath has recommended are relatively simple, are available from retail outlets and work out cheaper than getting them from your specialist.

Neal’s Yard Remedies sell homeopathic treatments along with other natural products and alternative therapies at dozens of retail outlets in the United Kingdom, and a number of homeopathic pharmacies have a limited high street presence. For example, Helios have two outlets in the London and Tunbridge Wells and Nelsons have a shop in central London. Here you will be able to get more in depth advice, and some locations offer appointments with therapists on the premises.

You may have a homeopathic pharmacy local to you, or treatments might be available at your local independent chemists. You can search for these online or see if you can get recommendations from your own specialist or someone you know.

Homeopathy is not a regulated practice, and anyone can sell remedies regardless of qualifications or experience. Just as you would online, make sure you only buy treatments from established retail outlets and pharmacists or trained physicians. If you are unsure, stick with those registered with voluntary bodies such as The British Homeopathic Association or The Homeopathic Medical Association.