There seem to be endless options when looking for places to buy homeopathic treatments on the internet, but you are strongly advised to be careful; homeopathy is not strictly regulated in the way conventional medicine is and anyone can set themselves up in business as a homeopath and sell treatments.

Most of the well known pharmacy chains sell a small range of products on their sites, such as Boots, Lloyds and Superdrug, as well as names specialising in natural and organic products such as Neal’s Yard and Holland and Barrett. These are long established companies with a substantial high street presence and are perfectly safe to purchase from.

There are also the large homeopathic pharmacies such as Helios, Nelson’s and Ainsworth’s from whom you can buy products directly from their websites. Some of their product ranges are widely available on the high street and they are registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). This is an agency of the British government which ensures the safety of medical practices and products.

If you are buying a product from a homeopathic pharmacy on the internet, be sure to check that they are registered with the MHRA. At the bottom of each web page there should be a kitemark with a clickable link that will take you to the website of the MHRA and will inform you that they have been approved.

If you are buying from a seller on Ebay or Amazon, take a look at the sellers’ details before buying. If they have been a member of the site for a long time with a long sales history and good customer feedback, you can feel confident that the product is genuine and you will be provided with a good service. Otherwise they should be avoided.

If you’re thinking of starting any form of homeopathic treatment, make sure you speak to your GP first, to make sure that they will not interact negatively with any other forms of prescription or non prescriptions drugs you are currently taking.